Essential Oil Formulations, Dropper Bottles, 1 oz

Essential Oil Formulations, Dropper Bottles, 1 oz

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These essential oil formulations are energy charged for a specific intention, whether you are looking to balance your Chakras, or draw more love or stability into your life! Essential oil formulations are in a one ounce dropper bottle and are made with organic therapeutic grade essential oils with an organic Fractionated Coconut Oil base. This size is perfect for practitioners of the Healing Arts.

Choose from the following oils in the drop down menu:

-Venus In Bloom: To draw more love, beauty, and friendship into your life! 

-The Holy Roller: Perfect for Meditation and Purification.

-Energy Boost: Designed to give you a gentle boost of energy throughout your day. 

-Peace Oil: A fantastic oil for combating anxiety, feelings of irritability, and inducing a sense of calm serenity. 

-Air Element

-Earth Element: Wonderful for manifestation! 

-Grow Your Roots: To ground and balance the Root Chakra. 

-Sacral Chakra Balance

-Solar Plexus Balance

-Throat Chakra Balance

-Third Eye Balance

-Crown Chakra Balance

We recommend that you always test a small area of your body first when using essential oils. We recommend replacing roll-ons after 6 months, will last much longer if refrigerated. Please contact us if you have any plant allergies.